Scary Pumpkin

Emily, Thank you so much for the awesome face painting you did for my Halloween costume. I received many compliments on the detail of the work and on how creepy it was. I will definitely use you again in the future! Fantastic job!!

Halloween 2016

Halloween 2015

Halloween 2014

Halloween 2012

This beautiful model won first prize for most sexy at Wild Bills on Halloween 2012. She tied for first place for best over all, but after a recount, she ended coming in second for best over all. She should have won, but the winner was wearing stilts, and it was very dramatic. I did the hair 2 different ways for the contest,

Stills from ANIMAL Video shoot for Rapper LOYAL
Please contact me if you are interested in either model,
Cougar, Karishma, or Zebra, Miss Kitty
(Video to Come Soon)

Make up Artist and Stylist, Emily Connors Bodyworks
Hair, Stephanie Glafaglione, Glafaglione Artistry

I created the look for the 2 models in this music video, called ANIMAL. I did the face and body make up, theatrical makeup and lashes, nails, wardrobe, and styling, One of my wonderful hair stylists, Stephie, did the hair.

I had such a blast working with you today! I’m so glad we met! You truly are an amazing person and I would be fortunate to be able to work with you again! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to see how the pictures turn out. Hope you have a good night and a great rest of the week.

Thank you again 🙂

Karishma L

This is a picture of my client who was going to a Madonna concert and wanted to have a six pack and abs on his stomach. I also contoured his arms and chest, and applied a few airbrush tattoos on his arm and his chest.

Gene Simmons Make-over
This client wanted to be made up to look like Gene Simmons from KISS when he went to see them in concert. Pictured without the wig, and then with the wig and some blood on the corners of his mouth.

Theatrical Face Painting

E-Mail Testimonial:
Here are our pics. Big hit! We won the contest!!! Thanks for all of your hard work.
– Jess

These are 2 clients who I made into disco avatars.

They glowed in the dark and had tiger stripes in Glitter,
and the white spots on their face and body were done in
Swarvosky Crystals.

This Couple won First Place in the Costume contest.

Avatars, and blue Monkey’s were very popular this year, These were done in liquid latex to make it look different from all the other avatars out there.

This was a client I made as an Avatar using Fluorescent Blue, Liquid Latex which glowed in the dark, I used glitter on the Tiger Stripes, as well as Turquoise body glitter over his whole body so that he really glowed, I placed Swarvosky Crystals on the stripes on his forehead, but didn’t get pictures of him in full costume, Body Painting using latex is very challenging,
But it looks AMAZING!!!!

This client was the Silver Surfer 2 years ago,

This year he was Venom Man form Spider Man Movie.

This is Larry who wanted me to duplicate the tattoos of the character, Godric from the show TRUE BLOOD Unfortunately he only had one picture of the front of his body, The other tattoos on his back, which included a branding, came out great, They were all drawn in free hand, with a long lasting tattoo ink.

Here is his e-mail after his party.

Hi Emily,
I had a fabulous time and the tattoos worked out great! I had quite a few people approach me and knew who I was and they thought it was really good, so thank you 🙂 I have attached one pic I took, but I never did get one of the back which is unfortunate. You did an amazing job!


Face and Body Painting

This is my beautiful exotic dancer client, who is also a great rapper, and a classical musician and dancer as well, She also dances hip hop, and jazz, She is only an exotic dancer to finance her music career. She wanted something pretty and simple in body make up for Halloween 2010 to go to work in . All tattoos are airbrushed and glittered in many vibrant colors, and she has real Swarvosky crystal armbands which also are surrounding her belly button. The lower back tattoo is airbrushed, and the lower abdomen tattoo is made out of about 100 crystals,Then I sprayed her in Turquoise and silver and gold body glitter . She looked gorgeous and feminine.

This female client wanted me to paint a mans body with a chest and abs onto a light beige, sleeveless leotard to use as a costume for a play she is in. First I had to match the leotard to the color of her skin, which was difficult because she lived on the other coast of the country. So, I had to do it by e mail. Then I had to paint and airbrush the abs on the leotard.

This female client wanted me to paint a mans body with a chest and abs onto a light beige, sleeveless leotard to use as a costume for a play she is in. First I had to match the leotard to the color of her skin, which was difficult because she lived on the other coast of the country. So, I had to do it by e mail. Then I had to paint and airbrush the abs on the leotard.

These are pictures that were used on the cover of ATLEXPOSED Magazine of 2 beautiful models, Tasha and Sawyer who I did body painting and face make up on for them to mingle with guests at the private opening of the newest Night Club in Atlanta, OBSESSIONS. The magazine also used 6 other full sized pictures inside the magazine. The other 2 pictures are of the body painting I did on their backs. As you can see, it advertised the name of the club. The theme was Red and Blue, for the 2 different rooms in the 30,000 square foot Club.
ATL Exposed Magazine is Atlanta’s #1 Source for Music, Fashion, LifeStyle and NightLife! We are the Past, Present and Future! Da Trendsetter.

Thanks again for transforming our morning show producer into a zebra this morning! We had a blast and the promotion was a huge hit. I set up a photo gallery of him working it on the streets, but I also built one of the “transformation” and included links to your website. The link to check it out is below. Thanks again!!
Cheers, Melissa

I want to reserve my space for this Halloween in advance so I am sure you can fit me in this year. I saw the pictures on ATLEXPOSED and…
They look awesome! See, you are the best, LOL!!!


First I had to apply body make up to cover up bad, spotted, and blotchy skin, as well as a tattoo on the small of her back. After the body make up, I painted a pink bathing suit top, with the strap across the back, embellished with crystals, as well as tropical scene on her shoulder blade, 2 arm bands, and, a tribal tattoo across the small of her back. On the front is high fashion make up, the front of the bathing suit, a faux belly button piercing, and a company logo of my clients name.across her belly.

Monique won the $2000 grand prize in Costume Contest as the Tiger

Hello Emily,
It was great to meet u as well, and for the record, I won first Place, so u know what that Means,, (Dinner, u and me.) Everyone loved your work too, I am all out of business cards as well. U are my new found bff, lol. I will send u the pics I have in a moment, just got home with my son… And plz let me know when we can get together again for a nonworking event…. Stay beautiful talk to u later

He is not wearing a shirt. This is all done with Black body Paint and black hairspray. He works security at HALO, a club in Atlanta. The look was finished off with white contact lenses and white fangs. VERY SCARY!

It went excellent, everyone was pleased, both owners and my GM complimented me saying that it was the coolest club promotion costume they had ever seen. Also, they all agreed, because they were the ones who decided who won the costume contest that I would have won if I wasn’t an employee, they said no questions asked, hands down, I would have won! So it was a complete success, thank you so much for another great paint job, I don’t know what I will be doing next year, but you can count on me calling you for your services again, thank you so much! Also, if you would like I will pass your info on to my owners and managers, they paint model girls for different events all throughout the yr, so maybe I can get some business thrown your way. Gotta run, thanks again, I will post all the pictures I have and can find of my costume on Facebook, you can look me up via my email address:




Makeup After Party City Tour For Jay-Z & Mary J Blige At Club Dreamz

Gorgeous model, Sawyer, at Ed Hardy Theme Bash. Boots and bikini top are hand painted and she is covered with Ed Hardy theme tattoos Make up was high Fashion Everything is embellished with lots of glitter and crystals.

Atlanta, Georgia, for Creme of Nature hair products.

To use any of the gorgeous models pictured on my website, please contact me and I will make the introduction.

Girl as Bronze statue for 88 th Birthday celebration of Robert E Lowery


The men didn’t shave the hair off their chest, so the airbrushing isn’t as crisp as the writing on their backs

Airbrush Face and Body Makeup for even skin color

Airbrush body Makeup and crystal body art

Turquoise crystal, body art




I didn’t take a before picture, but this beautiful girl is a Zumba Instructor, She is going to a Zumba get away vacation next month, and wants to look more amazing then she already does.

She had a few stretch marks which to me was hardily noticeable, but her skin was very fair and uneven. She wanted to look a little sun kissed and tan. So, I made her a color that was just a little darker than her skin and I evened her out, She has an amazing body, and she looked great, But we wanted to do something that was a little bit special. because all of the woman at the Zumba beach party, are girls with perfect bodies,

So, I gave her a sexy airbrush tattoo, in black with black glitter, Then I put some Swarvosky Crystals around her belly button, and then I sprayed her with body glitter, Then just a touch of face make up, and she looked like a center fold mold model in a fitness magazine. You couldn’t see a single stretch mark, and she was very excited, Even her, very conservative mother was impressed, and loved it, She will be back in 3 weeks before she goes to Mexico on the Zumba get away