Airbrush Makeup, Tattoos, Tanning
and Conventional Makeup Instruction.

Instructor, Make up Artist,
Emily Connors

I teach air brush make up instructions, in the form of one on one airbrush and conventional make up classes, This is not a make up school. I teach from a home studio. The airbrush make-up lessons last for about 5 or 6 hours for one day, My makeup classes are very hands on, and you will learn a tremendous amount in one day, You should bring 3 models, If you can’t bring all the models to class, for your lessons and make-up instruction, I will help you get models, I am told by students who have gone to expensive make up schools, that they have learned more in one day of taking my air brush and conventional make up classes, then they have learned at the make up school after going for 3 months, My technique for airbrush makeup application is very simple, but the results are fantastic, I have students who have traveled here from North Carolina, Chicago IL, New York, NY, LA California, San Francisco CA, South Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, The Caribbean West Indies, Barbados, The British Virgin Islands, Miami, Florida, South Beach FL, Texas, Tennessee, and New Orleans and more, To read letters I have gotten from students who have come here for make up lessons, please scroll down and read below, I would love to have you in my Make up class. I use only the best airbrush equipment and make-up,, which I also sell. Made by Temptu and Iwata, I also teach Airbrush tanning, Air-brush and temporary tattoos and crystal body art, theatrical make up, face painting, body painting, body make up and cover up, and wedding make up, My classes are reasonably priced.

This is a picture of a girl who came to model for Michelle, who came from Mississippi to take a full-face airbrush makeup class. Michelle brought her 2 babies, and had never done any make up before, through all the distraction, Michelle still did a beautiful job on her first model’s make up.

You are too sweet! You made the class so easy and fun. You are a wonderful teacher, so it wasn’t too difficult to pay attention to you, even through the distraction. Although I’m so used to distraction that it usually doesn’t affect me
too much anymore. You can really tell that you love what you do. It shows in the way that you present the material and explain the process. I don’t think I have ever been so motivated and excited about anything work related in my life. It doesn’t feel like work to me, so much different from doing hair. I will definitely be coming back for the body make up. That is so amazing! I have never seen anything like it, and I am sure I would get many requests for this.
Thank you so much for your time and patience. I will be calling you soon to try to set up a time for the body makeup class. And don’t worry, next time the kids will be staying home!!
Thanks again,

This is a picture of my talented student Tonia, taken with her model, and my other student, Ruby

We just got home and I wanted to tell you once again how much we enjoyed ourselves. Your class was extremely comprehensive and learning from you is a pleasure. You have such a wonderful spirit. Thanks again for the delicious food, wonderful, friendly models and comforting environment with all the various makeup. Which by the way, I LOVE looking at your makeup stash! J
Take care and I hope you have a good night’s rest………I look forward to tomorrow’s class.

These are my 2 wonderful students, Tonia, and Charlene, (on the left) who modeled for Tonia, who did a beautiful job.

Hi Emily, Thank you sooo much for a job well done! Lilly was great too…please send her our gratitude. I was glad to see that the airbrush tattoos were such a big hit. Being our first time with the tattoos, we were not sure how they would be received, and our client was more than a little skeptical. But clearly, they were one of the major highlights of the event! We will definitely keep in touch about upcoming projects, whether local or out of state. This was definitely a learning experience for us and we will make sure to address the stencils moving forward. I will get you some pictures later this week.
Thanks again,

Daniel Goldstein
Account Coordinator

This is my very talented student, Alesha, airbrushing Custom made tattoos of the Orbit logo, at the Wrigley’s Convention, 2009

“Hi Emily!
I had sooo much fun on Wednesday night, thank you for inviting me. Did you get all the pics?”

Thanks so much, Emily. These pictures are beautiful. Sorry we could not bring a friend for a live model, but it all worked out just fine. Sage was very excited about doing the tattoos, especially airbrushing and blending the colors. I am excited to see her excited about something else she could enjoy doing that could also help pay the bills. Thanks for making it so wonderful. Your love and enthusiasm of the art clearly shows through, as well as your patience in teaching and encouragement. You totally go out of your way to help your students be successful.
We look forward to the next session. I will get back to you to see if Friday night could work as first choice, if not, Thursday. I agree the sooner the better to get Sage started in this. She needs to do something to feel good about herself and contributions. As we all know,
The entertainment profession, esp. theater is not very lucrative, and full of disappointments. Having something else to do that she could also love doing would be wonderful!
Thanks again, will get back to you soon about Friday or Thursday.
Have a great day!

Air Brush make up application instruction (students, Rocky and CaNicka)

Conventional make up application instruction (students, Rocky and CaNicka)

Finished airbrush make up and temporary tattoo on CaNicka by Rocky. Two of my wonderful students from Atlanta and Nashville, Tennessee

Airbrush Flower Tattoo, by Natalie Barnes

*We sell the self adhesive, custom made, disposable, airbrush stencils used to paint the tattoos in these pictures, in a variety of generic styles, as well as words and names in any size and font, and, custom made stencils, if you supply the art work, exclusively from Photographixx and Bodyworks.

The most rewarding service I offer is teaching aspiring and accomplished make up artists, how to do airbrush make up, temporary tattoos, tanning, custom color matching, and body make up and cover up.
I have so many students from the Atlanta area, and I am always asked why I teach something that would create competition for myself, especially when I teach my students how to build a very successful website, like my own, which they should be able to use as their only source of advertising. My only response, is that, one, there is so much work to go around for everybody, and I even have to turn down work because I am so busy some times, and, two, because, unless my students are successful, chances are that I didn’t do a good enough job. So, in fact, I even try to get my students work, either, on jobs I can not do, or for which I need an assistant, or in some of the salons and day spas, or TV studios, where I taught the staff the art of airbrush make up, airbrush tanning, body make up and tattoo cover up.
I offer one on one, very hands on classes in airbrush and conventional make up, depending on what you want to learn. My initial airbrush class includes, a full face, airbrush make up application, including, foundation, high lighter, blush and eye make up application. The initial class also includes, instructions on owning, cleaning and operating your equipment, trouble shooting, and designing and hosting a very successful website. Subsequent classes, include, wedding and bridal make up, conventional make up, airbrush tanning, paint on, airbrush and crystal body art, and temporary tattoos, eyelash extensions, bald caps and bruises, and custom color matching, body make up and cover up of skin conditions, acne, acne scarring, spider veins, stretch marks, tattoos, Melasma, or just reducing the appearance of cellulite and/or, giving the body the appearance of beautiful, flawless skin. *(see page on Body Makeup and Cover up) I also will go through your make up kit with you or go through a list of make up and supplies you will need for a professional make up kit.
I have had dozens of students who are either accomplished or aspiring, freelance make up artists, or who are already working in salons and day spas, cruise ships, or in television studios. They come from Atlanta, and from all over the United States for classes.
I have had very talented students who took a few classes less than a year ago, and assisted me on my jobs when ever possible , who are now making a living at it, (although, it does require a lot of hard work and perseverance). (References are available)
Although air brush make up is not new to me, ( I have been doing it and teaching it, since 1992, because my family owns a business that makes and sells airbrush equipment, and 3 lines of our own, exclusive air brush make up, which is second to none). It is still very new in the beauty, wedding, and entertainment industries. Although it is growing, it is still a novelty and you will still be one of the few make up artists that offer air brush make up to their clients. Also, when people ask for airbrush make up, they are typically referring to the foundation being airbrushed only. However, I will be teaching you how to do a full face, air brush make up application, including applying all the make up by airbrush, except for eye liner and lip liner and lip stick. This will make you even more in demand, and your prices will be higher, for a full face, airbrush make up application.
I take teaching and my students, very seriously and have developed close, ongoing friendships and relationships, with most of them. I am always available to help them trouble shoot, answer any questions and help them get work, when ever possible. My students are also welcome to come and observe or assist me on most of my jobs, one student at a time.

I look forward to introducing you to the exciting world of airbrush and conventional make up, air brush tanning, theatrical make up, custom color matching, body make up and cover up, airbrush and ultra realistic, paint on, and crystal, temporary tattoos and body art.

Thank you so very much I really enjoyed myself. I had such a great time. Everyone said you actually worked on your B-Day. I told everyone that this is something that I really actually enjoyed doing so it didn’t feel like work. Thank you for your time a and patience I really learned a lot from you and the experience was great. I am so excited to get started so just let me know about the jobs and I will be there. Those brownies and shrimp were great. I can still taste it… So I am still thinking the 17th and 18th of next month for more classes. I will let you know if tax season let up if so I may be there before. Thanks again for you time… I really enjoyed it…

Dear Emily
It’s been very hectic around Halo, but things are going amazingly well now as we’ve adapted to many new changes within the business. I am now the Director of Makeup at Halo, and I have 2 girls I am training with manual makeup. But I am very interested in having them trained by you with airbrushing. I’d love for everyone on our team to be educated and certified by the same instructor. I learned so much in my airbrush makeup class and I feel the girls will benefit from it. I know for a fact one of them wants to invest in all of the equipment, the other girl I’m not sure yet. I was going to see how much it would cost if both of them came to Atlanta for the same class I came for. Could there by a discount of some sort for them both coming?

I will talk to the other girl and see if she’d like to invest in the equipment. It would probably be early august when they would be looking to take the class.

Meagan A. Brown

ONK Glitter Tattoo with Crystal in center. Done During Tattoo class

My Student, Marilene doing make up on my other student Heidi. Both did a wonderful job.

Student, Marilene and instructor Emily, after a long class.
Marilene’s make up was applied conventionally, by Heidi. The foundation was airbrushed.

Student Marilene, with her model, Camilla Make up by other student Heidi.

Student Heidi, Before

and after, Make up by Marilene

Emily and her student from Buffalo NY, Melinda

Emily with her student Charmain from NY

Emily with her Student Lilly after Body makeup class

Hi Emily!

Thanks SO much for your message!! I too, enjoy spending time with you…and appreciate you more than you’ll ever know. The make-up looked amazing and I got so many compliments. I can’t wait to see your new place and would like to invite you to my house one day for dinner and to meet my boys. I look forward to seeing you again…..

All the Best,

Beth, CaNicka, Nicole, & Rosa

These are my gifted students, (in white lab coats) Beth and Rosa, who did airbrush makeup on model, and veteran student, CaNicka, and future student, Nicole, in May 2011. Beth and Rosa drove here from South Carolina. They did a fantastic job.