Dear Bride,

BODYWORKS IS THE BEST!!! Fortunate for me there was a rave about BW for years in Atlanta so that was half of my guess work. The other part was trying to figure out would they be able to handle my whole entire wedding party of ten. To my surprise all of my ladies were taken care of with no problem.
We were so very beautiful! What a Brides Day To Remember!

Rating: 5 Stars

Instructor, Make up Artist,
Emily Connors

I Did Airbrush Face and Body Makeup on This Beautiful Woman

This is my beautiful client Sandy, with a custom color match and body make up on her upper body, as well as a custom color match for her face make up, and an application of the Silicone Based make up on her face, giving her a flawless, glowing , natural look.

I did airbrush face makeup on this beautiful bride.

I did airbrush makeup on this beautiful bride

Before Cover Up

After Cover Up

This is my beautiful model Ruby before a fashion shoot.

Photography By ROSS | OSCAR | KNIGHT (Ross)

About me

My name is Emily Connors and my company’s name is Bodyworks. I am an Emmy Award winning make up artist from New York, with over 25 years of experience working with brides and their bridal parties. Although I do conventional make up as well, I also specialize in airbrush make up, which is relatively new to the beauty and entertainment industry, but not to me. I have been doing airbrush make up since 1992, when our family business in New York, “Temptu”,  ( ), added airbrush make up, equipment and supplies, to our extensive line of make up, temporary tattoos, body make up and body art.

I also teach airbrush make up application to dozens of make up artists who work in the beauty, fashion and entertainment industry, as well as in spa’s and salons, in New York, Atlanta, Georgia and the Southeast. We make 3 lines of our own, exclusive airbrush make up, two of which, I use regularly on brides. One line, our S/B, which stands for Silicone Based, foundation, is a beautiful foundation which is air brushed on your face, neck, and decollate’, with a fine mist, for an even and flawless finish. It gives excellent coverage while maintaining a very sheer and natural look. Our S/B make up, is water, smudge and sweat proof, lasts all day and night, and won’t wear off in just a few hours. It won’t rub off, on your expensive, new clothing or beautiful, wedding gown, and is safe, gentle, and FDA approved for normal and sensitive skin. For over 15 years, we have been praised for our S/B foundation, and never received a single complaint, regarding the safety, quality or effectiveness of our make up.

All of our make up and body paints, were originally formulated for the film and entertainment industry between 15 to 25 years ago, by my late uncle who was the worlds leading color chemist and consultant to the top cosmetic companies in the world. However, even though our make up stocks the shelves of dozens of TV stations and photo studios, it is now used by top make up artists, and sold in spas and salons around the world, and is available to the general public through our on line stores.
I know that this is a very lengthy letter, and requires a few minutes to read it all, but if you want to try something new and different, and want to have your make up applied by an award winning make up artist using a state of the art technique and exclusive line of make up products, please read on. All information, including my prices, are as listed below:

I do not charge extra for the bride. The brides make up is the same price as any one else in the wedding party. I do most of my work on site at a location of your choice with in 30 minutes from Buckhead or Downtown Atlanta. Unless the job is in another city or state, any distance over 30 minutes will be charged a small travel fee and expenses after the 30 minutes. If it’s just a few extra minutes, I wouldn’t charge anything, but traveling fees and expenses normally won’t cost more then $20 if anything. The client will be responsible for any parking expenses. I have a minimum of $180 to go on site, but I will charge a minimum of $120 if the bride comes to me. The minimum of $180 will pay for the bride and 1 other person, at 90 each. I am having a special right now which offers air brush make up for the same price as a traditional make up application. This is a savings of $20 for each airbrush make up application. 99.9% of the brides, wedding parties, models, and actors, choose our special, silicone based, air brush make up for their foundation. It gives exceptional coverage while maintaining a sheer and natural look. It leaves you with a flawless finish, ready to apply the rest of your make up. Our S/B make up is water, sweat, and smudge resistant, will last all day and night, and won’t come off on your clothes or wedding dress.

Our make up is exclusive. It was invented by my uncle, the worlds leading color chemist for over 3 decades in a row, We make and sell all our make up and all kinds of airbrush equipment and body art. Our S/B make up looks and feels so natural that you will feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. Although it can be applied by hand, it is much more effective if it is air brushed on. Although airbrush make up is fairly new to the entertainment, beauty, and wedding industry, I have been doing it since 1992, (considering Temptu was the catalyst in airbrush make up), and
I am quite expert at it. The following prices are just for a full airbrush or conventional, make up application, and don’t include anything else, although other services are available.
I recommend you do a trial a few months prior to your wedding day to make sure that you and your make up artist are a good match. If possible, have your trial make up done on a day that you are having a bridal shower or engagement pictures done. This way, you can get feed back from friends and family about your make up and also see how your make up looks in photographs.
Considering that make up is very subjective and a matter of taste, and that the make up artist doesn’t know you very well, if at all, it is helpful to bring pictures of make up styles you like. Also, it may help to bring someone close to you, who knows your taste, to give the make up artist some feedback as you go along. A trial is also helpful to ensure that things go as smoothly as possible on the day of your wedding.
Most of the weddings I work on, are done on site. To go on site, I have a minimum of $200 for make up, (this can also include any of the other make up services I offer, like airbrush body make up and tattoo, acne and scar cover up). The minimum of $200, will pay for 2 people to have their make up done. However, if you only have 1 person and would rather come to me, I will only charge a minimum of $125 for a Friday, Saturday or Sunday appointment.

To minimize the risk of spreading potential eye infections between my clients, I never use the same mascara on more then one person. Therefore, all of my prices for make up application, include one, brand new, Sebastian Trucco, Body Double,Thick Volume Mascara, or another name brand, mascara, of equal quality and value, if for any reason I am out of stock. Most make up artists use a disposable mascara wand to apply mascara; but unless they never “double dip”, which is a term used by make up artists, which means, “to reload the same mascara wand with mascara, by dipping it in the tube a second time.” (or more than once). By “double dipping”, you actually defeat the purpose of using a disposable wand. Also, using a disposable wand, defeats the purpose of using an expensive, name brand, mascara, because in order to maximize the effectiveness of a good mascara and to get the best results, it is necessary to use the original wand that comes with the mascara. So, by giving my client a quality mascara with each make up application, including the trial run, I kill three birds with one stone. One, I know that I am using a high performance mascara; two, I eliminate the need to use less effective, disposable mascara wands; and, three; my clients can feel confident that I am taking the necessary precautions, to prevent the spread of any potential eye infections.

The following, is a breakdown of the prices for my services:
(My price drops in increments of $5, the more people are getting their make up done. Each amount, includes 1, free, Sebastian Trucco,Body Double,Thick Volume Mascara,or a similar name brand mascara of equal quality and value, should I run out of stock for some reason.
I charge $75 for a trial, for which you come to me.
For 1-3 people, I charge $100 per person.
For 4-5 people, the price drops to $95 per person. For over 5 people, it drops to $90 each, and to $85 each for 10 or more. If you are interested in having your hair done by one of the 2 wonderful hairstylists I work with, it will cost $75 for the trial and a flat rate of $85, for each person getting their hair done. Both of my stylists specialize in bridal hairstyles and up do’s and offer other services like cuts, color, highlights, and extensions before the wedding. Makeup and hair trials can be done on the same day so that you will get the entire effect at one time.

I also offer, eyelash extensions, for the fullest, thickest, longest, lashes ever. They won’t come off like regular, false eye lashes, and can last from the day before your rehearsal dinner, to the end of you honey moon. (price depends on the amount of lashes you desire, as well as the application technique you choose) For example, economy eyelash extensions can be applied in 4 small sections, with about 5 lashes per section, by attaching them to the inner rim of he eye lid, right below, your own, upper lashes. The other, more expensive, technique, of applying individual eyelash extensions, requires applying many lashes, one by one, for a more natural and elegant look. The individual lashes are about 60% to 70% more expensive than the economy lashes. and last for about 2 weeks longer. (Package deals for make up, hair and lashes, are possible, if all 3 services are done on the same day).

If you are also interested in covering a tattoo, you have come to the right place. I also specialize in the cover up of tattoos, as well as acne, scars, birth and stretch marks, spider veins, Melasma and any skin condition or imperfection you might want to cover up. For this, I use our own, exclusive alcohol based make up, called Dura, which is completely water, sweat, and smudge proof, lasts for several days, and won’t come of on your clothes. Again, Dura can be applied by hand for smaller areas, but is much more effective and meant to be air brushed on. Before covering up a tattoo or anything else, it is necessary for me to mix your own custom color, so that it will blend in to the surrounding skin. I have clients with certain skin conditions, such as Vitiligo and acne scarring who travel to Atlanta every week from all parts of the country, and even the UK and Canada, just to meet with me in person so that I can make them a custom color recipe to match their skin, using our Dura make up. The cost of having a tattoo covered up on the day of the wedding, depends on the size, color and darkness of the tattoo; however, it usually costs between $50 and $80. Many brides also want to have their arms, back, shoulders and decollate’ airbrushed on their wedding day if they are wearing a halter or strapless wedding gown, especially with the Spring and Summer months approaching. This should not be confused with airbrush tanning, (which I also do), which is a safe, fast, easy and time and cost effective alternative to tanning beds and/or sun bathing. I will mention this again, later in this letter. Considering our Dura make up is very tricky to work with because it changes color as it dries on the skin, I suggest that you do a trial before the day of the wedding. The cost of having a tattoo covered up at a trial is still between $50 (for a small tattoo) and $80 (for a single, fairly large and prominent tattoo). It costs about $80 for an (upper-body), airbrushed, body make up, because it is still necessary to make a custom color make up for each of these services. I am open to making a package deal for both face and body make up (including tattoo cover up), but will do this on an individual basis. However, if you really want to hide a tattoo or skin condition with a make up that won’t come off on your clothes and everything else, and have it last for a very long time, unlike the commercial, specialty make up, like Derma Blend and Colortration, it is well worth the expense. To save on some of the expense, I can do a partial cover up of the tattoo, or airbrush only one side of the upper body, at the trial, for about 75% of the price of getting the whole thing or area covered. Covering a second tattoo will cost only 75% of the price, for that size and color tattoo, considering I will have already made the custom color make up for your skin.(In the case of multiple tattoos, the smaller, less expensive tattoo/s, will receive the 25% discount).

And, last but not least, I also offer airbrush tanning, which should be applied about 2 days before the wedding date, and will not harm your skin like sun bathing or tanning beds, and gives you a deep, natural tan. Airbrush tanning should not be confused with the mystic tans, which leave you with an uneven, orange and unnatural looking tan. You may also want to try out the airbrush tanning a few weeks prior to your wedding, (preferably when you will be getting pictures taken), so you can see how dark you will get and also see if you like looking tan in your photos. The price of a full body and face, airbrush tan, is $60 a session, or you can get a series of 5 , for $50 each, which is paid in advance.
I hope I have provided you with all the information you need. However, if you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at or call me at (404) 816- 0989 or (404) 693- 0012. Refrences are available at your request.
Congratulations, and good luck on your upcoming wedding.
Emily Connors, Make up Artist, Bodyworks

Beautiful, Marian,after getting airbrush makeup applied on her face and her body

Bridal trial using, full face airbrush, and body make up to cover up acne scarring

Cover up of Bra Strap Marks,
Uneven Skin Tone, Stretch Marks, and Tattoo on the Chest

Sonya with Formal Look
Cover up of Bra Strap Marks, Uneven Skin Tone, Stretch Marks, and Tattoo on the Chest

Sonya with Trial Airbrush Wedding Make-Up, Natural Look

Make up done for engagement photos for Stephanie.

Bridal Fashion Show

Recharda was going to her prom, and wearing a strapless dress, She had about 6 large tattoos covering her arms back chest and shoulders, I did her body makeup and color match as well as her airbrush face make up, and she had a wonderful time at her prom, This is the e mail she sent me the following day:
Hi Emily
Its Recharda. I had a wonderful time at prom on Saturday and I can’t tell you thank you enough. My skin was flawless and I received so many compliments from everyone. You are the best! I would love to keep in contact with you and keep an open line of communication. I’ve told my friends so much about you and they can’t wait to come get a taste of Body Works Atlanta this summer! They’re just as excited as I was and they will love you just the same way I did. Again, I want to thank you for truly makibg my prom a night to remember! I was gorgeous in my dress with a special thanks to you. I am going to attach some pictures and I will send you more in the mail. Thanks so much. It was a pleasure meeting you and doing business with you.

Need something new? or something that’s blue? Why not try a personalized, blue, temporary tattoo?

This is my bride, Lisa Moy, who had me cover up her own tattoos. I don’t have a before picture of her tattoos but you can see the bottom of the black, full back and full sleeve tattoo on the opposite butt cheek as the temporary tattoo with her new husbands name,
The AFTER pictures show her back and arms.





These are before and after pictures of my beautiful, young bride, Paula. Paula had extensive acne scarring on her face and back. (I forgot to take the before picture of her back, but I will post it in a few days when the make up wears off, and she can send me a before picture). I did airbrush Silicone Based face make up, which will last for several days if she doesn’t wash her face or remove it. And then I did a custom color match on her back, and airbrushed the acne scarring away I sprayed a little glitter spray on her back. She was thrilled that she can now wear a halter dress to her wedding in 2 months,

This as my adorable bride Desi, She knew she was dying of Cancer but wanted to get married to the love of her life, before she dies, These are pictures I did her make up on for her trial and on her wedding day,

Desiree Charmaine Fleming-Whiting
September 10, 1969 to June 18, 2012 Deai was outgoing and never met a stranger she didn’t like. She lived and enjoyed her life to the fullest.

This is my gorgeous bride Cola, She also models, so if any one wants to use her for a photo shoot, just contact me and I will introduce you.

This beautiful bride has a skin condition that causes her to have very dark spots all over her body and face, The spots are actually much darker in person. She wanted to change into a short skirt above the knee when she changed from her wedding gown, which had a plummeting neck line and was sleeveless as well. I airbrushed her body and finished it off with a Sworvasky Crystal tattoo around her ankle. Then I did a very simple make up on her face, after covering the spots with a long lasting make up, Her skin looked flawless and she was absolutely thrilled. She had not worn a skirt or a dress or any clothes that had a low cut neck line, or anything sleeveless in over 40 years. But she got to wear the dress of her dreams on her wedding day, Her fiance saw how it looked when I did it the first time when she came in advance for her color match. He loved it so much, and said, because it makes her happy, they will find a way to buy the equipment and make up, which I will teach her how to use to apply it herself, when they get back from their honey moon. She says that she can’t wait to get rid of her dark panty hose. and get into a bathing suit and lie in the sun on a beautiful beach in Florida on her honey moon.



Arms and Chest


Leg With Sworvasky Crystal Tattoo Anklet



Arms and Chest


Full Body And Face

Dayshia Going to senior prom, Airbrush make up,
faux nose piercing and fantasy eye lashes.