Custom Made Airbrushed Tattoos,
W/ Names, and Corporate Logos

Let Us Make Stencil of your Corporate Name or Logo, and Put an Airbrush Tattoo on the person.

What a Great way to Advertise your Company or Event or just to liven up your Christmas, or holiday, Corporate Party!!!!

This is my beautiful client Sandy, with a custom color match and body make up on her upper body, as well as a custom color match for her face make up, and an application of the Silicone Based make up on her face, giving her a flawless, glowing , natural look.

Airbrush Tattoos at the Motorcycle and Dirt bike Trade show at the Georgia Dome, Sponsored by AT&T. We had a line of at least 25 people waiting to get an airbrushed tattoo, all day, from noon to 7:00 PM

Hi Emily,
Thank you sooo much for a job well done! Lilly was great too…please send her our gratitude. I was glad to see that the airbrush tattoos were such a big hit. Being our first time with the tattoos, we were not sure how they would be received, and our client was more than a little skeptical. But clearly, they were one of the major highlights of the event! We will definitely keep in touch about upcoming projects, whether local or out of state. This was definitely a learning experience for us and we will make sure to address the stencils moving forward. I will get you some pictures later this week.
Thanks again,

These are pictures that were used on the cover of ATLEXPOSED Magazine of 2 beautiful models, Tasha and Sawyer who I did body painting and face make up on for them to mingle with guests at the private opening of the newest Night Club in Atlanta, OBSESSIONS. The magazine also used 6 other full sized pictures inside the magazine. The other 2 pictures are of the body painting I did on their backs. As you can see, it advertised the name of the club. The theme was Red and Blue, for the 2 different rooms in the 30,000 square foot Club.

ATL Exposed Magazine is Atlanta’s #1 Source for Music, Fashion, LifeStyle and NightLife! We are the Past, Present and Future! Da Trendsetter.

I want to reserve my space for this Halloween in advance so I am sure you can fit me in this year. I saw the pictures on ATLEXPOSED and…
They look awesome! See, you are the best, LOL!!!


Airbrushing Custom made logos for Orbit Gum at the Wrigley’s Convention, OR

Models at Bronner Brothers Hair Show August 2009
Atlanta, Georgia, for Creme of Nature hair products.

To use any of the gorgeous models pictured on my website, please contact me and I will make the introduction.

Let us put your corporate name and / or Logo, on one (or more) of our Sexy, Male or Female, Models, MC’s, Hosts, or Hostesses

Boxer. Phillip Botha, advertising the SHOW BARS, Restaurant group

“Custom names and Logos can be airbrushed on painted and fully airbrushed Models, too” (can be painted in any color you like, including all the Metallic’s, and we can even supply the Models, or MC, or Host and / or Hostesses)

Surprise your Bide, or Bride Groom, or Girlfriend or Boyfriend, or Husband, or Wife, or just a good friend, With a custom made Tattoo of their name on your back, your Arm, (or, anywhere on your body. Just use your imagination!!!!!) What a great gift for your New Husband or Wife , on your Honey Moon !!! The name can include a picture of small hearts, or stars, or a flower, or it can be written across your belly , or the small of your back, above a tribal tattoo, that goes from one hip to the other” or in combination with any other tattoo, generic, or custom made.

Then is smaller letters write, “We can write anything you want, The name of your favorite
sports team, musical Artist or Group,or just a word or words, expressing yourself or a word or a slogan, in any language, or Foreign Alphabet , like Greek, or using Chinese Characters. Or we can put your Corporate name or Logo, or a picture of your School Mascot, or anything you want, (just supply the graphics, or a picture and dimensions of what ever you want us to make) Great for Sports Fans, or even High School Reunions!!!

This is my regular Client Troya, who surprised her man with his name on her arm.

This is my client Barry’s airbrush tattoo he got on his arm of his clients logo,. The client had told him that they would give him all of their business if he tattooed their logo on his arm,

Giltter tattoo for my client Heineken

Airbrushed tattoo for my client Heineken

This is my client DOCTOR Jonathan. Yes, this gorgeous guy is also a doctor, and probably the most romantic man I have ever met, He was also as sweet and adorable as can be. But sorry ladies, he is already taken, He called me the next day, and told me SHE SAID YES. He surprised his, now fiance, with a tattoo that said Will You Marry Me, He suggested they go see me together and each get a tattoo to surprise one another, He got a leopard on his arm, to throw her off track, She got his initials on each one of her Butt Cheeks, with a sun at the top, When they got home, he showed her the leopard tattoo and she said, I thought we were going to get something personal!!! And you know I hate cats. Then he pulled off his shirt and gave her a gorgeous diamond ring, and she gasped, and started to cry, Then he saw her tattoos, He was going to call me that night to tell me how everything went, bit needless to say, the tattoos made for a very romantic night, So, he ended up calling me the following day, He was thrilled, and said that they would be calling me soon to book me to do the wedding make up for his bride, and the bridal party, I will also surprise him with a something blue tattoo, on the night of the honey moon!!!!!