Tribal tattoos on arm and shoulder

Geisha Girl

Emily, Thank you so much. We love them!!!!

This is a picture of an airbrush tattoo I did of a tribal necklace with a cross in the middle, on my client. He has a lot of tattoos on his chest already, but he wanted something to tie all of his tattoos together, He gets this tattoo every week on Fridays. Everyone thinks it is a real tattoo.

These tattoos were done to transform the actor into a thug in a horror movie.

I have new locations now in London, Kentucky (Sheila London), Charleston, South Carolina (Beth and Rosa), and Omaha, Nebraska (Airbrush Everything, Cuzi Williams).

This is a picture of my client who was going to a Madonna concert and wanted to have a six pack and abs on his stomach. I also contoured his arms and chest, and applied a few airbrush tattoos on his arm and his chest.

We make our own stencils to apply these airbrush tattoos, that come in a variety of styles and sizes. They can be painted in any colors you want, between 1 and 4 colors, but no more then 5 colors should be used.

We can also custom make a stencil for you, of a name , in many fonts and sizes, or a corporate logo, and company name. We can also make a stencil of many other designs if you provide us with a clear, picture that is at least 2″ x 2″. Just let us know.
They are perfect for fashion shows as well as corporate parties and model portfolios, or just for fun. If they are taken good care of, they will last for several days.


(Airbrush tattoos come in any size you’d like)

Airbrush Tattoos at the Motorcycle and Dirt bike Trade show at the Georgia Dome, Sponsored by AT&T. We had a line of at least 25 people waiting to get an airbrushed tattoo, all day, from noon to 7:00 PM

Hi Emily,
Thank you sooo much for a job well done! Lilly was great too…please send her our gratitude. I was glad to see that the airbrush tattoos were such a big hit. Being our first time with the tattoos, we were not sure how they would be received, and our client was more than a little skeptical. But clearly, they were one of the major highlights of the event! We will definitely keep in touch about upcoming projects, whether local or out of state. This was definitely a learning experience for us and we will make sure to address the stencils moving forward. I will get you some pictures later this week.
Thanks again,
Daniel Goldstein
Account Coordinator
Mobile Media Enterprises
770.457.4570 x107 office

Surprise 20th anniversary personalized glitter tattoo

Full Arm Tribal Tattoo

This client had this custom made tattoo made for a bachelor party in Las Vegas.

This is my cutest client, 3 year old , Dylan, who was dressing up to look like a rock star
with 2 half sleeve tattoos, to go to his best friend’s birthday party, Isn’t he just adorable?
Temporary Tattoos are for everyone, Even for 3 year olds.

Airbrushing Custom made logos for Orbit Gum at
the Wrigley’s Convention, OR.

Temporary tattoos don’t always have to look like real tattoos. They can also look like beautiful body art  when covered in glitter, and embellished with Swarvoski Crystals like this big butterfly. Add a little BLING to your outfit. Colors can be used to match your clothing.

Tribal Tattoos Any style or combination you want.

Boxer. Phillip Botha, advertising the SHOW BARS, Restaurant group

I now do a whole collection of Disney tattoos.
Ie, Mickey Minney Pluto, Whinnie, and more, as well as Snoopy and other cartoon characters.

These were done with glitter and crystals, but, they can also be just done with paint.

Another spectacular Glitter Tattoo

ONK Glitter Tattoo with Crystal in center. Done During Tattoo class

Bible prayer written in freehand on arm of my client, John, who will be going to Iraw and wants to see how the tattoo will look before getting a real one.

Dragon airbrushed on back of calf.

Samaria Warrior airbrushed on Dustin’s back.

This Lion was used to cover up a long scar on this girl’s stomach

A quote from Shakespeare done in an Old English Font,
“To Thine Own Self Be True” on side of girls torso.

This is my regular Client Troya, who surprised her man with his name on her arm.

This is Barry, Barry is an up and coming actor and movie
star, and needed some tattoos for his role in his new movie.

This is my client Barry’s airbrush tattoo he got on his arm of his clients logo,. The client had told him that they would give him all of their business if he tattooed their logo on his arm.

This is my client DOCTOR Jonathan. Yes, this gorgeous guy is also a doctor, and probably the most romantic man I have ever met, He was also as sweet and adorable as can be. But sorry ladies, he is already taken, He called me the next day, and told me SHE SAID YES. He surprised his, now fiance, with a tattoo that said Will You Marry Me, He suggested they go see me together and each get a tattoo to surprise one another, He got a leopard on his arm, to throw her off track, She got his initials on each one of her Butt Cheeks, with a sun at the top, When they got home, he showed her the leopard tattoo and she said, I thought we were going to get something personal!!! And you know I hate cats. Then he pulled off his shirt and gave her a gorgeous diamond ring, and she gasped, and started to cry, Then he saw her tattoos, He was going to call me that night to tell me how everything went, bit needless to say, the tattoos made for a very romantic night, So, he ended up calling me the following day, He was thrilled, and said that they would be calling me soon to book me to do the wedding make up for his bride, and the bridal party, I will also surprise him with a something blue tattoo, on the night of the honey moon!!!!!

Wrap around butterfly tattoo Front

Wrap around butterfly tattoo Left side

Wrap around butterfly tattoo, right side

I did this airbrush tattoo for my client, Arnesha, who wanted to surprise her husband with a special tattoo for their 8 th wedding anniversary, I put red glitter on the rose.

This is my client, Ganesia, who needed a half sleeve tattoo for a photo shoots.

This young lady came back for at least 10 tattoos at her best friends Bat Mitzvah.
But she also got a faux henna hand tattoo which looked awesome and she LOVED IT!!!

We did this glitter dragon tattoo at my student, Shekayla’s class for temporary tattoos.
You can learn how to do them too!!!

Valentines Day Tattoo

Flame Tattoos

See Page Titled Paint on Tattoos
Perfect for Bar and Bat Mitzvah’s
Tattoos Tattoos Tattoos Tattoos